The aim here is for the client to provide a full set of plans and elevations with the required dimensions for either a house, tiny houses, cabin, garage etc without any further design changes.

If any further design changes are required, please refer to the detailing deposit and design fees sections below.



During this time, we cover off any questions about your potential build along with pricing guides for the plans you've provided. We also welcome bookings to visit to our factory in either Picton or Christchurch to see how our FRAMECAD systems and machines work.


We will provide one free quote based upon the design submitted along with a link to the 3D model on our SketchFab site. The quote is only valid for 30 days, and is not an offer of credit.


If any minor design changes are required once detailing has started and/or the free quote has been sent, a non-refundable detailing fee of $750 + GST is required before any further detailing can start. Once this has been paid, we will detail up the changes required, update the 3D model and send you an updated quote for the frames and trusses. This $750 detailing fee will be deducted from your final invoice.

If the design changes are substantial, you will be required to pay a design fee, please check out the custom design fees.


If you are happy with everything contained within the quote and the 3D model, all you need to do is get in contact with us with your approval and we'll send you a final invoice.


Once the final invoice has been paid we will begin manufacturing your frames. Although its likely the whole manufacturing process will only take a couple of days (yes we can manufacture that quick) depending on your place in the queue, this may take up to a couple of weeks.


This is the part you've been dying for. Our team will be in contact with you to let you know when your frames are ready to be collected from one of our factories or sent via PBT.

The Silver Frames Company Steel Frame Ho


If a full set of plans and elevations aren't provided or if any substantial alterations are made to the plans and elevations after the initial detailing has started, a non-refundable design fee of $1500 + GST is required before any design and detailing work can commence. This design fee is not deducted from the final invoice.

Once this has been paid, we will begin the design and detailing phase, and we will liaise with you through the whole process to ensure we have everything exactly how and where you want it, and send you updated 3D models as design progresses and is complete.

This is why we can't stress enough to ensure you first and foremost provide a complete set of finalised plans and elevations to avoid paying design fees.