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The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern methods. Cold Formed Steel can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.

We use the F325iT and the F325iT-L FRAMECAD machines which are suited to construct walls, floors and roofs for 1 – 3 level residential, modular and transportable units, and light commercial construction. It can produce roof trusses up to 15m clear span and can be either factory-based or transportable in a mobile factory.

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Our construction process is a design-led process, meaning that the need for skill to construct the building is more in the design stage rather than on-site.

Systems such as the FRAMECAD System utilize world leading sophisticated design and engineering software that is incredibly accurate, reducing the need for engineer involvement during the detail design, speeding up compliance, reducing engineering cost and minimizing room for error on-site.

The FRAMECAD system delivers faster construction and reduced engineering design costs.

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Cold formed steel frames and components are produced and fabricated from structural quality steel coils and are shaped at ambient temperatures by roll-forming machines.

They can be produced in large quantities and at high speed with consistent quality and precision.

The wide range of advanced tooling functions provided by systems like the FRAMECAD System allow high productivity and versatile output to produce roof trusses, wall frames, and floor joists — all to exact measurements, saving time and costly wastage in the construction stage. Detailed design speeds up compliance, reduces engineering cost and minimizes room for error on-site.

FRAMECAD manufacturing equipment is highly accurate, versatile, and drives accelerated output.

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We can supply frames pre-assembled, strong and straight, and clearly identifiable. No on-site welding or cutting is normally required. This means that the erection process is fast and simple – requiring less labor time on-site and heavy-lifting equipment.

Steel frames do not absorb moisture so there is no delay waiting for frames to dry. This means minimized weather delays for rain, snow, or excessive heat, for example.

Cold formed steel construction can offer a much more predictable construction schedule and less on-site cost than traditional construction methods. For example, as the material is lightweight, no heavy lifting equipment is needed on-site, frames, trusses and joists can typically be carried into place by on-site labour.

Our frames are made to precise dimensions meaning pre-made windows, doors and bathrooms will fit perfectly and quickly reducing engineering cost and minimising room for error on-site.


The FRAMECAD System requires no welding or riveting in assembly and is easily erected on site with basic tools.

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