Cold formed steel is used in a large number of residential building applications, from single level homes to mid-rise multi-storey apartment developments.

The Silver Frames Company offers highly versatile design, fast, accurate and cost-efficient production, and ease of assembly.

Our lightweight construction system (which minimises loads on foundations and saves on sub-structure costs) is the ideal building system for all forms of residential construction.

Overall residential building project costs can be significantly reduced when using modern design-led construction techniques like ours. Not only are total build costs lower, speed of construction can be significantly improved by up to 75%!


Single dwelling residential housing takes many architectural forms. The versatility of The Silver Frames Company makes is the ideal choice for construction of single dwellings of both simple and challenging designs.


Our frames allow for narrower walls than typically achieved with traditional materials, providing more internal space for the same total footprint, which is highly advantageous when meeting urban density demands. And because our frames are also lightweight and easily handled, they are a perfect solution for sloping or difficult sites which might otherwise require significant foundation works or onsite logistics.


Residential single dwelling construction can be impacted by time constraints and is subject to code compliance requirements. Traditional construction methods are typically slow and require highly skilled onsite labour to ensure compliance. Our method is being turned to as a solution to these issues, as it has been proven to be at least twice as fast as traditional construction with engineering compliance ensured in the design process.


The Silver Frames Company gives builders design flexibility of low-rise residential building options that can be rapidly built, are stylish, and comfortable to live in.

The Silver Frames Company Steel Frame Houses


Affordable housing refers to housing units that are affordable for people with an income below the median household income. In both developing and advanced economies, governments are challenged to provide accessible housing for their low and middle income citizens. Effective, affordable housing is vital to the health and security of a country and for the wellbeing of its population. Those challenged with providing social housing always seek methods to reduce the cost of construction without compromising on quality and housing security. Methods such as CFS can enable this.


  • CFS framing allows for quick and accurate construction at minimised cost – and demand can be met faster than traditional methods with the additional benefit of providing employment opportunities for low skilled labour.

  • Cold formed steel construction provides quality social housing to developing areas (see more in our blog). By using a design and production process that allows for repeatable design, CFS construction methods are faster, more efficient and produce less waste than traditional methods.

  • The resulting buildings have less environmental impact and are very durable. The ease of assembly that CFS construction provides means that local labour can be trained in CFS methodologies, enabling employment for less skilled labour, and positively impacting local economies.


Apartments are designed to house several different families in separate housing units and include accommodations from affordable apartment complexes to luxury condominiums. The most common types of apartment buildings, duplexes, quadruplexes, and townhouses, and the global popularity and demand for these multi-family dwellings is growing and expected to continue. The repetitive nature of this type of application is ideally suited to Cold Formed Steel construction - floors of more or less the same layouts, common framing assemblies and use of wall panelisations.


Fixed budgets, tight project schedules, limited onsite access and restricted storage are significant constraints for multi-family builders. When constructing multi-family projects, our methods provide project owners with safe and efficient structural solutions enabling a superior return on investment in a shorter time frame than most other construction methods.


Using The Silver Frame Company's technologies, project owners can control expenses and ensure profitability, while offering affordable multi-family units to residents at all price points of the market.

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