Rapid, modern, design-led The Silver Frames Company construction methods helps local and central governments construct high-quality, economical, institutional buildings for their communities. The Silver Frame Company's commercial applications meet commercial construction and industrial building needs, providing high quality worker accommodation, hotels, offices, retail buildings and more.


Educational buildings, from individual classrooms to whole schools, can be easily and affordably constructed using CFS construction methods. When CFS is combined with modular construction methodologies, it offers a high degree of flexibility with classroom design. CFS enables the same classroom to be scaled and replicated multiple times, additions to be linked to an existing school, or an entirely new campus built at rapid speed.
An entire school could be built offsite, installed, and ready for use in a fraction of the time of traditional building methods. CFS construction works in developed and developing countries to produce comfortable, warm and insulated schools that create excellent learning environments.

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The dynamic and progressive nature of the healthcare industry creates demand for facilities that can be easily reconfigured over time. Therefore, flexibility and adaptability are essential characteristics that need to be considered when constructing hospitals or healthcare facilities. And for existing hospitals, any additional construction needs to be fast and (ideally) offsite, minimising noise and vibration, especially for sensitive areas such as operating theatres. Constructing in CFS enables scalability and its application to offsite building answers these challenges in an efficient and cost-effective way.


CFS construction allows developers to meet tight timelines without compromising on quality and allows hotels to open and accommodate customers up to 75% faster than with traditional building methods. Its light-weight, high-strength, noncombustible nature, and ease of installation make CFS an ideal and cost competitive choice for hotel applications. When using CFS systems to build hotels, vital design and build components can be supplied panelised to site for fast, cost-effective construction.

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Presently at least 2.6 million people in New Zealand are working, which 50% of those work in office environments. Compare this to the 5% of this population that worked in offices at the beginning of the 20th century, and the vast growth is clear.
There is a growing demand for office settings and these office buildings must benefit from an integrated design approach that meets the objectives of the people working in them. Using integrated design and construction methods such as The Silver Frames Company, a new generation of high-performance office buildings is emerging, offering increased worker satisfaction and output, better health, flexibility, and improved energy and environmental performance.

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