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07 July 2015

Over the past two weeks, Pippa, an 11-year old beardie cross and Sky Veevers have developed a mutual affection, one Sky is prepared to call love.

Every time the Marlborough Girls' College student enters Marlborough's SPCA for work experience Pippa wags her tail like crazy and does not leave Sky's side.

Pippa was surrendered by her ageing owners before they departed to an aged care-facility and is now temporarily housed at Marlborough's SPCA.

But Pippa's chances of finding a permanent home are limited. And while she waits, she is left to face the jarring winter cold.

The current headquarters for Marlborough's SPCA is the old zoo in Renwick and homeless dogs stay in what was a former lion's den.

SPCA Manager Kaycee Polkinghorn says the kennels are grim and freezing and are often overcrowded.

"We need as much help as we can get. The winters are particularly hard," she says.

But help is on the way. On Sunday SPCA launched a Warm Paws project to enable construction of a new building.

The project has already taken off with financial support from Leslie and Steve Hamersley, owners of Lundons Law and long-term supporters of SPCA.

Already, the project has received generous support from small businesses to design the building, construct solar panels and furnishings.

But a lot more help is needed.

They are in need of additional funding, building materials and helping hands, Kaycee says.

Sky says she is saddened by the thought of Pippa, the dog with endless love to give, out in the cold.

"She is my favourite. I love her so much," she says.

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